Keep Brazos Beautiful is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in August, 1980.


We are founded on the ideal that for a community to thrive, each member must honor a commitment to contribute to the well being of the whole.


Our mission is to educate and engage Brazos County citizens to keep our community clean, green and beautiful!

From Our Friends

Why Do I Volunteer?

I chose to volunteer at KBB to gain experience while giving back to the local community through various environmental projects. Interacting with fellow interns and community members has been truly rewarding, and I look forward to a long future with the organization.

~Dylan Karns, KBB Intern

Why am I Member?

“I am a member of Keep Brazos Beautiful because of the great impact KBB has on our community. We educate kids and adults alike on ways to protect the beauty of our environment. Plus, there are so many ways to take part, like cleaning up our streets in the Texas Trash-Off and planting new flowers in our Demonstration gardens. I love how easy KBB makes it for me to get my hands dirty to keep our community clean and green!”

~Allison Brown, KBB Board Member


Check our Event Calendar and Volunteer Page for updates.

Remember to keep our community clean, green, and beautiful!

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Plant of the Month

July’s plant of the month is…..Portulaca! Also known as Moss Rose, Purslane, or Sun Jewel. This amazing plant must be seen to be believed. When glimpsed for the first time on a broiling summer day, a first reaction to portulaca’s floral spectacle just might be, “That’s utterly impossible.”

But possible it is! With thick, fleshy foliage, portulaca thrives in poor sandy (draining) soils beneath blazing summer sunlight. In short, it excels where most other annuals quickly wither. An extremely low-maintenance plant, rose moss will actually fail to bloom if it receives too much water or if it receives insufficient sunlight. A limited amount of mulch, though, helps keep its roots a bit cooler.

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We would be thrilled for you to be a part of what we are doing at Keep Brazos Beautiful! Visit the Volunteer or Members tab to find out more information about serving with us! If you have specific questions, please contact us!

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